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Oct. 1, 2019

Ella Eastin: Practicing Patience, Episode #31, 10-1-19

Ella Eastin: Practicing Patience, Episode #31, 10-1-19

They say patience is a virtue and life likes to test it. This episode highlights the extreme patience practiced by Ella Eastin, one of the USA’s toughest swim stars and member of the National Team. Ella Eastin discusses a couple of major setbacks that delayed her Olympic swimming dreams and how she is patiently waiting to make her mark on the international long course scene with hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker.

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More about Ella Eastin

Ella Eastin has earned 12 NCAA Titles and in is the first woman to four-peat by winning the grueling 400 IM all of her college years at Stanford University, while helping Stanford win the NCAA overall title for the last three years of her career. Now, Ella Eastin is a professional swimmer, sponsored by Arena, and a member of the LA Current professional swim team.

In 2017, in what could be deemed as her breakout long course swim, which qualified her for the World Championship Team, later turned into a disqualification for something known as the “Lochte Rule.” Then in 2018 again when it was time to earn a spot on the 2019 World Championship team, Ella fell ill with Mono and had a sub-par performance at the World Team Trials. But now Ella is healthy and has patiently been waiting to make her first Olympic Team. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Stanford University


LA Current


Degree in Human Biology


Lochte Rule

World University Games

Delayed gratification

Katie Ledecky

Simone Manuel

Elizabeth Beisel

Leah Smith

Melanie Margalis

Madisyn Cox

Steve Furniss

Greg Meehan

Action Items From the Hosts 

Kelly - To remember that the goals that I have may not turn out exactly as I want, but I know that some moments will come out of the hard work.

Maria - To think, persevere and be patient and know that something good will come if I put good intentions and heart into it.

Quote of the Week

"Know that what you do today may not show results right away, but in the long run it is going to pay off " - Ella Eastin

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