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Nov. 10, 2020

Eat Sweets but Kick the Sugar Habit, Episode #89

Eat Sweets but Kick the Sugar Habit, Episode #89

Limiting sugar in diets is one of the most important things a person can do to stay healthy and in this episode Kelly and Maria share tips for enjoying sweet things without the negative impact of sugar. They share personal experiences and tangible ideas for listeners to break their own sugar addictions. 

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Sugar addiction

Carbohydrate addiction

Standard American Diet, SAD

American Heart Association

Type 2 diabetes


11 health risks of sugar article

University of San Francisco study on sugar consumption

Healthy Vegan Bites

Fat bombs

RawRev brand of treats

Quest Bars

Keto Bars

Lily’s Chocolate


Zevia soft drinks


Keto diet

Negative Effects of Sugar Consumption

1. Can cause weight gain

2. May increase risk of heart disease

3. Linked to acne

4. Increases risk of type 2 diabetes

5. May increase risk of cancer

6. Can lead to fatty liver

7. May increase risk of depression

8. May accelerate the skin aging process

9. Can increase cellular aging

10. Drains your energy

11. Other health risks:

  • Increase kidney disease risk 
  • Negatively impact dental health 
  • Increase the risk of developing gout 
  • Accelerate cognitive decline

How to Replace Sugar with Safe Sweets

  1. Get rid of sugar in your house and replace with treats that have low added sugar, or none. 
  2. Avoid diet sodas and artificial sweeteners. Use Stevia.
  3. Sleep enough and keep stress low.
  4. Recognize the addictive qualities of sugar (especially fructose, which is different than the sugar in fruit)
  5. Look for alternative sources of sweetness that are actually fiber: this is an amazing blog that lists them and describes the differences: https://www.whatsugar.com/fiber-sweetener
  6. In addition to the list of products in the blog above, here are a few of our favorite “safe sweets”: Lily’s Chocolate, Choc Zero, Zevia Soda, Coffee Syrups, Bhu Foods, Raw Rev Snack Bars, Quest Bars and Snacks, Fat Bombs Recipe

Quote of the Week

“It's terrific to live in these times because we have so many sweet options that don't damage the body, they are not based on sugar, but natural fibers, or plants or alcohols that taste sweet -- not artificial sweeteners, which have problems of their own -- but on real whole food sweeteners that are healthy and can satisfy one's sweet tooth." -- Maria P

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