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Sept. 4, 2020

Dr. Martin Rossman: Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety, Episode #80, 9-8-20

Dr. Martin Rossman: Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety, Episode #80, 9-8-20

Dr. Martin Rossman: Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety, Episode #80

September 8, 2020

Chronic worry and stress steal joy and can lead to physical health problems. Dr. Martin Rossman joins Kelly and Maria to share his techniques for finding peace in life -- especially in the midst of the pandemic.

More about Dr. Rossman

For nearly 50 years, Dr. Martin Rossman, an expert in mind/body medicine, has been teaching people to skillfully use their minds to release stress, relax the body, help with body healing and solve problems more creatively. He co-founded the Academy for Guided Imagery and has trained more than 10,000 doctors, nurses, and therapists to utilize the powerful form of mind/body therapy called Interactive Guided Imagery. 

Dr. Rossman is a long-time Marin physician and Clinical Faculty member at the University of California, San Francisco. His large body of work is also available via online classes and tools at TheHealingMind.org. 

He is the author of three popular books, numerous medical textbook chapters and co-founded a postgraduate training institute. He also created a national PBS television show that reached over 4 million people. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Free Resources to help with your stress and self-care

The Course: The 3 Keys to Calmness

Academy for Guided Imagery 

Interactive Guided Imagery

University of California, San Francisco




The Worry Solution (book)

The role of the imagination

How to cope with worry




  1. Chronic worry is really just a bad habit. It does not take a million reversals, but just minor changes can correct this. 
  2. It’s not that hard to change course if you get ahead of stress and tap into free resources to manage it. 


  1. Interactive Guided Imagery is not hard to do and it is so important.
  2. We can manage mind/body interactions to stay healthy. 

Quote of the Week

"Your imagination is very powerful, untrained it can injure you. You must learn to train it like a stallion; guide it, befriend it and make it work for you." -- Dr. Martin Rossman

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