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June 5, 2019

Dealing with Pain and Suffering, Episode #14, 6-5-19

Dealing with Pain and Suffering, Episode #14, 6-5-19

Nothing teaches you about pain and suffering better than endurance athletics. Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are both top endurance athletes and share with listeners some of their mojo for dealing with pain and suffering, in both sports and life. Both hosts share personal stories designed to motivate, inspire and educate you.

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More About Managing Pain and Suffering

The right mindset has been scientifically connected to better management of pain and suffering.

Check out this article in Psychology Today by Toni Bernhard J.D. on how mindfulness can help with physical suffering:  


Action Items from the Hosts

Maria: Find a way to tell a story that is helpful and positive during pain and suffering. Try to tell a story that is authentic and true.

Kelly: Be prepared. Life can have painful experiences and you need to be ready.  Think ahead for that go-to person or practice that help comforts you.

Quote of the week:  “As much as we would like to avoid pain and suffering, they are some of life's best teachers.” --William E. K. Parker

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