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Sept. 16, 2019

David Marsh: Changing a Culture -- Episode #29, 9-16-19

David Marsh: Changing a Culture -- Episode #29, 9-16-19

How can you make culture adjustments that positively impact your surroundings -- at work, at home, in sports and in life? This episode features an exclusive interview with Team Elite swim coach David Marsh who talks about changing the culture of a team, what it takes to be successful and some of his future plans. 

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More About David Marsh

David Marsh is the head coach of Team Elite in San Diego, Calif. Prior to founding Team Elite, he was the men's and women's swimming coach at Auburn University. After becoming head coach of Auburn in 1990, Marsh led the men's team to seven NCAA national championships and the women's team to five national championships. He finished his coaching career at Auburn in 2007 and has been working with elite swimmers ever since. Coach Marsh is well known internationally, having coached 49 Olympians from 19 different countries. In December 2016, Marsh was named the Professional Adviser of the Israel Swimming Association, with a goal of preparing the country's swimmers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  

Episode Topics and Mentions

Auburn University

Auburn Swimming

Charlotte, North Carolina

Team USA Swimming

US National Team

Southern California

Israel Swimming Association

Jeff Gaeckle

Michael Chadwick

Kathleen Baker

Marko Djordjevic

Kristin Marsh

Rowdy Gaines

Bob Groseth

Pat Calhoun

Josh Davis

Mark Spitz

Daniel Coyle

Nick Shackell

Mark Gangloff

Cullen Jones

John Wooden

Yoav Bruck

Jim Sheridan

Dean Hutchinson

Bill Pilczuk

Ralph Crocker

Adrian Bender

Hayley Piersol

Mike Bottom

Dave Bottom

Adam Schmitt

Dave Durden

John Maxwell

Rick Dumont

Marius Kusch

Alyssa Marsh

Pam Swander

Summer Sanders

Michael Andrew

Richard Quick

Jimi Flowers

Dorsey Tierney-Walker

Kim Brackin

Bo Jackson

John Hargis

Dave Denniston

Jack Johnson


Action Items From the Hosts 


Kelly: To take some quiet moments and think about what I can do to be better.


Maria: Be open to bringing people in to help grow my business and infuse it with new project ideas. 


Quote of the Week


"The Culture is the centerpiece. You'd rather have a good culture than a good immediate result because culture will cause the result to repeat". --David Marsh

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