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Feb. 10, 2020

Caroline Miller, Love & Performance, Episode #50, 2-11-2020

Caroline Miller, Love & Performance, Episode #50, 2-11-2020

Can positive emotions like love improve your performance? This episode features best-selling author Caroline Miller in a discussion of positive emotions -- like love -- and their effects on performance. It seems that when we connect to powerful positive emotions we can perform better so tune in to learn about tools to use to boost positive emotions and performance.


Caroline Adams Miller, who is one of the world’s leading experts on the science behind successful goal setting and the use of "good grit" to achieve hard things. For more than 30 years, she’s been sharing her research-backed, actionable strategies to help people cultivate more grit and dig deeper to clarify and achieve their toughest goals. She is an expert on positive psychology and an athletic champion herself.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Getting Grit by Caroline Miller

Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Miller



American University

Penn State

Applied Positive Psychology

Ice Age

Fight or flight instinct

3 blessings exercise






2008 Olympics

John Gottman Research Love Lab at the University of Washington 

Mark Gavin

Tom Shields

Kelly Campbell

Cal State in San Bernardino

Bob Bowman

Emotional flourishing

Brian Tracy

Zig Ziglar 

Sean Aiken

Gretchen Rubin 

NC State Women’s Swimming

Marc Bernadino

Lilly King

Ginny King

Sherron Watkins




Caroline: Feeling rejuvenated, she’s ready to get her next book done.

Kelly: Continue encouraging others to take the VIA test and use what they learn. 

Maria: Take the online VIA test, and encourage the people she loves to do it too, and then use the technique of telling the story where the top techniques are used. 

Quote of the Week

“Every Coach should know their athlete's strengths, not just as athletes, but as humans and know their stories, because if you don't know their stories, you don't really know them." -- Caroline Miller

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