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June 22, 2021

Buda Šobat: Freediving World Record Holder's Wisdom, Episode #121, 06-22-21

Buda Šobat: Freediving World Record Holder's Wisdom,  Episode #121, 06-22-21

How do you push past discomfort to meet your goals? Guinness Book World Record Holder Budimir “Buda” Šobat joins the show to talk about his record time of free diving for 24 minutes and 33 seconds -- and how his daughter and her medical issues inspire him.

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Budimir Buda Šobat is a Guinness Book World Record Holder from Croatia. Buda is a free diver and bronze medal world championship freediving in liyawno, Italy. Buda broke his own record this year in March, with a new free diving time of 24 minutes and 33 seconds in the water. 

 Buda has trained his body to pump oxygen more slowly and he's also trained for the involuntary muscle spasms which kick in around the 18-minute mark. He is inspired in his endeavors by his 20-year-old daughter Saša, who has cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Free diving

Sisak, Croatia

liyawno, Italy

Cerebral palsy



Room of Miracles in Sisak, Croatia


“The Big Blue” movie, story by Luc Besson


Static apnea

Pure oxygen

Belgrade, Serbia

Mateusz Malina

Mirela Kardasevic



Sometimes, you can be too tough and bull-headed, and it can cross to stupidity. It is okay to take a break, slow down or stop if your inner voice tells you that it is time to stop.


Water is rejuvenating, cleansing and magical, no matter what aptitude or ability you have. 

Quote of the Week

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." -- Arthur C. Clarke

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