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May 13, 2019

Braden Holloway: Winning Authentically, Episode #11, 5-13-19

Braden Holloway: Winning Authentically, Episode #11, 5-13-19

On today’s episode, Kelly Palace and Maria Parker interview Braden Holloway, NC State’s head coach for both men’s and women’s swimming. Holloway shares some of his strategic steps to success, including how he values being a mentor to his team members. Holloway talks about taking the NC State swimming teams from a “lull” to championship seasons and the progression over the last 8 years of his coaching tenure.

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More About Braden Holloway

Braden Holloway is coaching his 8th season in 2019 at NC State for both the men’s and women’s teams. He has been named the ACC Men’s Swimming Coach of the Year six times in the past seven years and was named the ACC Women’s Swimming Coach of the Year in 2017. His swimmers hold multiple individual and relay records and NCAA championship wins.

Action Items From the Hosts

Maria: Reach out to someone you interact with personally or in business who you do not have a great relationship with -- and “think outside the box” on ways to improve that connection and build trust in the relationship.

Kelly:  Find one thing in your life that is not authentic and get rid of it or find a way to infuse your own authenticity into it so you feel comfortable and confident.

Quote of the Week: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

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