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May 10, 2022

Awaken & Own Your Adult Athlete, Episode 147, 05-10-2022

Awaken & Own Your Adult Athlete, Episode 147, 05-10-2022

Why do we rarely hear the words adult and athlete used together? What is a masters athlete? Generally, we think of being an athlete for the young or being a masters athlete for the elite. But Kelly and Maria talk about their own mindset when it comes to being adult athletes, masters athletes and how keeping it fun and/or competitive is your choice. Whether you are a weekend warrior exerciser who wants to get back into being an athlete, or already an elite masters athlete—this episode of the Champion’s Mojo Podcast will inspire you to new heights. 

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6 Ways to Own Your Adult Athlete

  1. Stop saying “I’m retired from my sport” or “I used to be a swimmer” or runner, etc. Your relationship may change with the sport or exercise, but you can always do it. 
  2. Use future thinking and do what you can WHILE you can.
  3. Surround yourself with other adult athletes, join a team and hire a coach. 
  4. Change your mindset and OWN the title of athlete.
  5. Try something new and fun to keep movement enjoyable.
  6. Start with small goals and build from there.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Masters athletes

Masters swimming


Quote of the Week

“You don’t run a marathon by running 26 miles; you run a marathon by putting on your running clothes and going out the door for a training run, and then another.” -- Maria Parker

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