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Aug. 5, 2019

Arthur Albiero: Winning Perspective, Episode #23, 8-5-19

Arthur Albiero: Winning Perspective, Episode #23, 8-5-19

What does it take to have a winning perspective? The University of Louisville head combined swim coach Arthur Albiero joins Champion’s Mojo to talk about his successful men and women’s swim programs and how winning is about more than recognition for an accomplishment.  

“Winning is not just standing at the top of the podium… it’s overcoming adversity or something perceived negative in your life,” Albiero said in his poolside interview with host Kelly Palace. “It’s digging deeper… if things don’t go your way, reinvent yourself.”

Albiero talks about his 16 seasons at the University of Louisville and what it took to build a winning culture. He also discusses his family dynamic now that his son Nick Albiero is swimming at college, and potentially Olympic, levels. 

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More About Arthur Albiero

Arthur Albiero has coached the men and women swim programs at the University of Louisville for 16 years and has been named ACC Coach of the Year. A Brazilian by birth and holding dual American citizenship, Albiero was named to the USA National Team’s coach staff for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. This past season, the women’s team placed 4th in the NCAA and the men’s team placed 5th, making Albiero the only combined coach with both teams in the top 5. He resides in Louisville with his wife Amy Albiero who is club swim coach and his three children. 


Episode Topics and Mentions

Lessons from failure

Taking a risk

University of Louisville

Oakland University 


Swim School

Jim Steen

Kenyon College

TYR ProSwim Series

Mallory Comerford

Kelsi Worrell Dhalia

Nick Albiero 

Amy Albiero

Tom Jurich


Recumbent bikes

Action Items From the Hosts 

Maria: If you have a goal, write it down. Tell someone for accountability. 

Kelly: Write down your “why” for your goal -- see if it resonates and ignites passion. 

Quote of the Week: “Triumph and disaster are both imposters” – Rudyard Kipling 

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