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April 7, 2020

Andrew Seliskar: Passion for Racing, Episode #58, 4-7-2020

Andrew Seliskar: Passion for Racing, Episode #58, 4-7-2020

Andrew Seliskar loves to race anyone, anywhere, any time. He embraces his competitive drive and says he likes to “swim for his friends and teammates.” Known for that competitiveness, hear how this trait has served him well in this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria.


Andrew Seliskar has been on the US National team since 2013 and his international experience includes a World Championship medal, world rankings and Pan Pacs gold medalist. Andrew is from McLean, Virginia, swimming under head coach John Flanagan at the Nation's Capital Swim Club, where he was the #2 recruit in the nation because of his tremendous versatility in so many different events. While swimming for the University of California, Berkeley he won more PAC 12 titles than anyone ever has in the conference’s 58 year history and he capped off his collegiate career by winning three individual NCAA titles, being selected as the 2019 NCAA Male Swimmer of the Year.

Episode Topics and Mentions

McLean, Virginia

John Flanagan

Nation’s Capital Swim Club

PAC 12


Masters Swimming

University of California, Berkeley

Punk rock


ISL, International Swim League

Competitive nature


Bedtime routine

Morning routine

Purdue University

David Durden

Takeaways and Action Items


Takeaway 1: Andrew makes time for his hobbies and those are a great form of release.

Takeaway 2: Andrew draws energy off other people. He has so much love for his teammates, coaches and band mates.


Takeaway 1: Andrew is competitive - whether a small meet or the finals of a big championship meet. He always brings his best.

Takeaway 2: Don’t hesitate - just go for it, whatever it is. Don’t overthink it.

Quote of the Week

"On race strategy, it's all about keeping that balance between doing my own thing and also being where I need to be to succeed" -- Andrew Seliskar

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