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March 29, 2022

Amy Rieger: A Coach is Paramount, Episode #142, 03-29-2022

Amy Rieger: A Coach is Paramount, Episode #142, 03-29-2022

Not every physical activity is a fit for every person.

The key to staying active as you age is finding something you love to do -- and record-holding masters swimmer Amy Rieger is proof. She joins the show to talk about her swimming routine, the role social interaction plays in her motivation and why she won’t swim without a coach.

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Amy Rieger is a US Masters Swimming national record holder, USMS All-Star for the Year 2021, and a woman that had six #1 FINA world rankings in 2021 in the women’s age group 60-64. The most amazing part is that she only competed in 10 swim meets prior to 2021.

USMS Recognition:

  • National Record SCM 100 IM
  • All star for 2021, most 1st place finishes of all women in my age group.
  • All American (fastest times in the USA) in 11 swims
  • Long Distance champion and new record holder; One Hour Swim
  • Long Distance champion and new record holder; Brute Squad and Brute Squad Lite

FINA Recognition:

  • World Masters Top 10 2021, 14 top 10 times. 6 top times are #1
  • World Masters Top 10 of all time, 9 top times

Episode Topics and Mentions

US Masters Swimming


Puerto Rico

Stu Kahn

FINA Top 10

Hurricane Maria

Physical therapy

Mills College in Oakland, California

Bikram Yoga


Irritable bowel syndrome


Sarasota Sharks


Water skiing

Fernando Delgado

Kerry Lindauer



  1. Record yourself in your athletic or career pursuits and then watch it and analyze it for improvement. 
  2. When you’re trying to improve, improve one thing at a time. 


  1. Having a coach is so important to improvement in every area of your life. 
  2. You have to have fun in what you are doing to make it a successful part of your life.

Quote of the Week

“Make small changes -- You can’t change three things at once. Work on little things at a time.” -- Amy Rieger

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