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April 12, 2022

Amanda Coker: Could you cycle 200+ miles every day for a year? Episode #143

Amanda Coker: Could you cycle 200+ miles every day for a year? Episode #143

What would motivate you to ride more than 200 miles per day on a bike for a year?

For ultracyclist Amanda Coker, it was to heal from a traumatic injury, to inspire others and to prove the naysayers wrong. She shares her story with Kelly and Maria of biking 86,573 miles in 365 days, and how bullies in childhood and during her record-setting year fueled her to rise to the challenges.

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Amanda Coker is one of the most-decorated ultracyclists in the world, best known for her 2017 Highest Annual Mileage Record (also known as HAM’R) when she rode her bicycle 86,573.2 miles in 365 days. That is an average of over 237 miles per day. 

Amanda owns 15 other World Ultracycling Association sanctioned world records, including the highest month mileage record cycling a mind-boggling 8012.5 miles and the 100,000 mile record in 423 days. In October of 2021 Amanda became the first woman to ride more than 500 miles solo in 24 hours solo. She rode 512.5 miles, breaking 10 other women’s cycling records along the way. Amanda is a member of the TWENTY/24 women’s professional cycling team.

Episode Topics and Mentions


HAMM’R, Highest Annual Mileage Record

Patent foramen ovale (PFO), heart condition

Traumatic brain injury

Nighttime paralysis





Amanda Coker Coaching





  1. When we do something that is difficult, we are inspiring others -- even if we don’t realize it.
  2. Remember that moving your body and having access to movement is a gift and privilege.


  1. Turn negativity into motivation that fuels you to continue succeeding.
  2. Break down bigger goals into smaller, micro-goals.

Quote of the Week

“Keep setting short goals on the way to reaching your long-term goals.” -- Amanda Coker

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