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April 26, 2023

Energy Management Mojo from World Record Holder Adam Ritter, Episode 203

Energy Management Mojo from World Record Holder Adam Ritter, Episode 203
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Ready for some Mojo from Adam Ritter, a member of the Palm Beach Masters and a 37-year-old world record holder? We caught up with Adam on deck at the YMCA Masters Nationals, where he dominated with six gold medals in his first short course meet since before the COVID break.

Discover the swimming strategies and energy management techniques that Adam uses as a multiple-time national champion and world record holder. Ritter shares his approach to racing, emphasizing the importance of managing his race and avoiding exhausting himself too quickly. He also discusses his training regimen, which involves swimming and weightlifting, and focuses on technique and quality.

Ritter reflects on his family's legacy of swimming success but notes that he did not feel pressured by his world-class swimming parents. His parents allowed him to excel in the sport and discover it on his own terms. Hear why Adam is inspired by 78-year-old fellow teammate Dave Quiggin in the pool! Give it a listen to find out...

The picture shows Adam with his parents James and Susan Ritter, taken by Kelly Palace at the 2022 Masters Summer LC Nationals.

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