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July 13, 2021

Adam Mendler: Foundations of Leadership Success, Episode #123, 07-12-21

Adam Mendler: Foundations of Leadership Success, Episode #123, 07-12-21

When you take care of your body through nutrition, exercise and sleep, accomplishing the rest of your goals is much easier. Entrepreneurship and leadership expert Adam Mendler joins the show to talk about these foundational components of success -- along with the ability to dream big.
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Adam Mendler is an expert in leadership and entrepreneurship  He is the CEO of the Veloz Group and has built multiple successful businesses.  Adam hosts the Thirty Minute Mentors podcast where he interviews leaders in every area and industry. In addition to his podcast, he has written over 70 articles for major media outlets including Forbes and Huffington Post. He is a keynote speaker for businesses, universities and non-profit organizations and teaches a graduate-level class at UCLA on teamwork and leadership. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Veloz Group

Thirty Minute Mentors podcast



Los Angeles Angels


Beverly Hills Chairs




Satchel Paige



Taking care of your body -- nutrition, working out, and sleep -- makes the rest of your success so much easier.


Go after your dreams -- if you don’t get the original dream, you will make another one come true.

Quote of the Week

“Failure is, in many ways, the gateway to success.” -- Adam Mendler

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