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Oct. 31, 2022

7 Solutions to Crush the Comparison Monster, Episode 180

7 Solutions to Crush the Comparison Monster, Episode 180

Is there a comparison monster lurking in your mind? Comparison is the thief of joy, but it’s also the thief of confidence. Kelly and Maria give us 7 practical solutions to crushing the bad habit of comparing yourself

What are your triggers that make you compare yourself?

  • Talent? It happens when you compare your abilities to another person’s gifts. Therefore, you don’t notice your uniqueness and get disappointed when you can’t do what another person can do.
  • Financial resources? This is where you start comparing yourself to others in terms of financial capabilities.
  • Career or Entrepreneurs pursuits comparison? Here you compare your success to someone who has been in the industry for more years and is, therefore, more successful. Or a person who has just started their career and has achieved more than you.
  • Social influence? Involves comparing yourself to someone who has more friends, followers, or subscribers online.
  • Personal stories or journeys? This is where you feel inferior to someone else because their personal or career story is more exciting or inspiring.
  • Physical Strength, beautify or Performance?
  • Tune in and hear 7 strong solutions for getting more joy and more confidence without comparing yourself to others. 
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