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Oct. 10, 2022

10 Lessons Katie Ledecky Teaches Us, Episode 175

10 Lessons Katie Ledecky Teaches Us, Episode 175

Kelly and Maria break down 10 Lessons they take from Katie Ledecky's traits, actions, history and performances, and how we can use these in our everyday lives to be our best.  Katie Ledecky is arguably the most prolific female champion in  competitive swimming  with seven Olympic gold medals and 19 world championship gold medals under her belt.  What has gotten her to this point? She's a true champion in and out of the pool and this episode's 10 lessons will inspire you, entertain you and may even make you a bigger Katie Ledecky fan than you already are.... or a new one, if you are not.

Join us as we take the time to learn from Katie Ledecky and hear what we think gives her mojo!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn some interesting facts about Katie and her background in the sport.
  • Highlights of her accomplishments as a competitive swimmer.
  • How she genuinely enjoys training and competing. 
  • Her ability to change and adapt while training and competing. 
  • An outline of the various changes Katie has made to remain competitive. 
  • Why being hard working and passionate is essential to her success.
  • Katie’s ability to overcome obstacle that she faces. 
  • An example of her ability to push herself and adapt within the pool.
  • Why we think her sportsmanship is an important factor in her success. 
  • A moment where Katie displayed true sportsmanship.
  • The thing we love most about Katie
  • The various ways she gives back to the sport. 
  • The character trait she is most known for among her peers. 
  • How she is constantly learning in order to maximize her performance. 
  • What might help Katie deal with the immense pressure of being a world-class swimmer and celebrity.
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