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Jan. 3, 2020

Bob Bowman Talks Inevitable Success, ASU, Mentors & More #45, 01-07-2020

Bob Bowman Talks Inevitable Success, ASU, Mentors & More #45, 01-07-2020

Bob Bowman believes that the process is what sets one up for inevitable success. In this lively interview Coach Bowman talks with Champion’s Mojo Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker and shares some of his own routines for success and talks ASU culture and the five pillars he’s using for creating an environment for success.

You may be surprised to learn that Bob himself is swimming again for the first time in 30 years, believes in “going with the flow”, appreciates those coaches that have mentored him and the creativity in coaching. Read on to find out what he says is “the best thing” in his life today.  


ABOUT BOB BOWMAN: Bowman is the renowned coach of the greatest swimmer and Olympian of all time Michael Phelps. Together this dynamic duo earned an unprecedented 28 Olympic Medals, 23 of them gold. Bowman was also the head coach of Team USA’s men’s Olympic Team in 2016 and since 2015 Coach Bowman has been the head men’s and women’s swim coach at Arizona State University (ASU).  


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Quote of the Week


"I think that is a great thing about our sport. It's the individuality and the creativity that coaches have to come up with something that fits their situation, their swimmers, their personalities, their strengths as coaches and to do that and still have similar success, I think is one of our best things in America." -- Bob Bowman

Episode Topics and Mentions

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Foundation

Arizona State University

University of Michigan 

Florida State University

The Golden Rules: Finding World Class Excellence in Your Life and Work 

Napa, California

Auburn University

Eric Wunderlich

Liam Ball

Eric Namesnik

Tom Dolan

Natalie Coughlin 

Teri McKeever

Boomer Phelps

Beckett Phelps

ISL - International Swim League

David Marsh

Murray Stevens 

North Baltimore Aquatic Club

The Surrender Experiment 

The Power of Now

Jason Lezak

Mark Schubert

Frank Busch 

Jack Bauerle

Eddie Reese 

Beijing Olympics

Greg Troy 

Terry Maul

Simon Sinek 

Ryan Lochte

Greensboro, North Carolina

Intermittent fasting

Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard University

Essentialism:The Disciplined Pursuit of Less 

Tokyo Olympics 2020


Takeaways from Kelly and Maria


1 - When you have some

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