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Feb. 24, 2023

Ode to Lindsay Price, Episode 195

Ode to Lindsay Price, Episode 195

Lindsay Price, a swimmer bold and bright, Dove into the pool before her big delight, She knew this was how she'd start her day, With a swim that put her in the right way.

For Lindsay, being in the right place, Was key to piloting ships through waves, And as the captain of Falcon Ark Recovery, She'd lead her crew to successful discovery.

With SpaceX, Lindsay found her dream job, And her swimming routine was no mere hobnob, It kept her focused, calm, and strong, Ready to face challenges all day long.

In Champion's Mojo, Lindsay spoke with grace, Of her passion for swimming and her SpaceX pace, A story of perseverance, dedication, and heart, A champion of the pool and of seafaring apart.

So here's to Lindsay, a master swimmer true, Whose love for the water helped her breakthrough, In her boat the seas she combs, with a stroke, And bring SpaceX's rockets safely back home.

Here's the full episode:

Captain of SpaceX Rocket Recovery Vessel Finds Strengths in Masters Swimming