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March 12, 2023

Poetic Summary of To Swim Fast Use Love, Episode 201

Poetic Summary of To Swim Fast Use Love, Episode 201

When it comes to sports and games, It's not just physical, it's all in the brain. Emotions play a role, that's what they claim, On this topic this episode takes aim.

Positive emotions like love and gratitude, Can make an athlete feel empowered and renewed. With oxytocin and norepinephrine in the mix, They feel good and confident, ready to fix.

But negative emotions like fear and shame, Can dampen an athlete's spirit and douse their flame. With cortisol flowing through their veins, Their performance suffers and it's hard to regain.

The experts suggest using positive emotions, To enhance performance and avoid commotions. Choose your top 10 emotions to evoke, Can help an athlete succeed and provoke.

Thoughts also matter, they say, Negative thoughts can ruin an athlete's day. Reminding oneself of past success, Can improve attitude and lead to progress.

Success can impact an athlete's mind, It can make them feel on top and shine. So changing thoughts is the key, To make sure success is always in their memory.

This podcast offers insight and advice, To help athletes perform and suffice. It's not just about the physical game, Emotions and thoughts play a role in the frame.