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March 14, 2023

Poetic Summary of Swim Starts Simplified, Episode 199

Poetic Summary of Swim Starts Simplified, Episode 199

Improving Your Starts off the Block

From four short whistles to one long, It's time to step onto the block and be strong. Curl your toes and lean forward, Ready to dive in like a soaring bird.

For Masters, the rules are more relaxed, Starting from the edge of the pool is a fact. Or using a wedge to propel you high, Like in track and field, you can touch the sky.

Extend your arms, push off with your feet, Creating momentum to sweep you down the seat. A perfect glide underwater, long and fast, Saves time and energy, make it last.

To improve your starts, practice is key, Filming yourself and with a coach, you'll see What you can do to enhance your strength, Box jumps, squats, and lunges, the perfect length.

A good start sets the momentum of the race, Cutting off seconds, creating a fast-paced chase. Streamlined entry into the water, the aim, Reducing drag, reaching for swimming fame.

Practice regularly, do one start after each, Improvements will come, within your reach. Safety is crucial, the starting depth is five feet eight, Goggles falling off, get them off, don't wait.

This episode's tips are basic and deep, Giving you an advantage, an edge to keep. Improving your starts off the block, A swimmer's goal, the ultimate rock.

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