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March 3, 2023

Poetic Summary of Swim Like No One's Watching Episode 197

Poetic Summary of Swim Like No One's Watching Episode 197

Swim like no one's watching, they say But can we truly let go and play When our strokes are under scrutiny And we fear judgment and scrutiny?

Masters swimmers, have you ever felt The pressure to perform, to make your stroke melt Into the water with perfect form To avoid criticism and scorn?

Kelly's practice set of 500s Showed her true speed, despite recent meets Sometimes technique can be overdone And we forget to just have fun

Masters superstar Kurt Dickson's stroke May not be perfect, but it's no joke He still dominates in the pool And reminds us to break the rules

NCAA historic speedster Jordan Crooks Has a unique stroke, not found in textbooks But he still shatters records with ease And proves that individuality is the key

ACC 200 backstroker with an odd stroke Swims 1:54, no need to provoke Her character shines through in her swim And reminds us to be true to ourselves within

So let's define character in this sport It's not just technique, but a mindset to court To be brave, unique, and true to yourself And to swim like no one's watching, like nobody else

And as for Maria's flip turns, an update we hear Improvement each day, with nothing to fear For in this sport, it's not just about speed But about the journey, the growth, and the need

To swim like no one's watching, with joy and with pride And to never let fear and judgment collide For in the water, we're free to be Exactly who we're meant to be.

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