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March 21, 2023

Ode to Mark Kutz, Episode 200

Ode to Mark Kutz, Episode 200

If you want to swim like a pro, Listen close, it's time to know, Mark Kutz, the Masters coach of NOVA, Will guide you to new heights, move ova!

In Champion's Mojo, he shares, Stories, tips, and expert cares, For all the masters out there, Who want to swim with speed and flair.

A new swimmer, slow to start, Mark helped Rick swim like a dart, He'll show you the three must-do's, For all swimmers, old and new.

Just swimming laps won't do, You need sets that challenge you, For longer races, speed and pace, Coach Kutz will guide you to the race.

A piano once fell on his back, But that didn't stop his swimming knack, Enthusiasm, his secret tool, To inspire swimmers, young and old.

Broken-mile Fridays, a tradition true, With Coach Kutz, there's much to do, And Maria and Kelly share, Takeaways, to show they care.

With decades of experience in the pool, Mark Kutz is a swimming jewel, US National Masters Champions he's trained, And world record holders he's named.

A certified level 4 coach, Kerry O'Brien Award, he won the most, US Masters Swimmer, he's contributed too, Mark Kutz, gives wisdom for me and you.

LISTEN to the episode 200 https://www.championsmojo.com/mark-kutz-200/