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March 7, 2023

Ode to Eric Christensen, Episode 198

Ode to Eric Christensen, Episode 198

In the water he finds his peace, A world record breaker, he'll never cease, Eric Christensen, a master of the sport, A coach and swimmer, with passion he exhort.

From the youth team to the masters' race, His work ethic sets him apart with grace, Twenty years he's trained with the kids, His dedication to swimming never bids.

He swims six days and lifts five, A routine that keeps his stroke alive, His advice for getting faster, true, Gems of wisdom, for me and you.

With contagious passion he inspires, His tips and tricks our skills acquire, For the experienced and the new, His wisdom is tried, tested and true.

National and World records are his name, Eric Christensen is a swimmer of fame, With his love for swimming he'll never tire, And with his tips, we too can aspire.

LISTEN to the episode 198 here: https://www.championsmojo.com/get-faster-with-top-tips-from-world-record-holder-eric-christensen-episode-198/