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Feb. 28, 2023

Ode to Clyde Akbar, Episode 196

Ode to Clyde Akbar, Episode 196

Clyde Akbar, a name so dear,

A man of many talents, so sincere,

A Purple Heart recipient for Vietnam War,


A true hero, one can't ignore.

But his life didn't stop at that,

He took up swimming, a new hat,

Learned at 60, he dove in with zeal,

And became a master swimmer, for real.


With his violin, he played sweet tunes,

Melodies that could make hearts swoon,

And as a cheerleader for Swim Ft. Lauderdale,

He inspired all, young and old.


Clyde's spirit, infectious and bright,

Shone like a beacon in the darkest night,

His determination and zest for life,

Inspired others to push through strife.


A true inspiration, a role model to all,

Clyde Akbar, stood tall,

A man of many talents, so full of grace,

May his spirit continue to light up this place.

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